Rebellion by Jess Mountifield


Rebellion by Jess Mountifield (Fringe Colonies Book 3)
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 2.7 MB

Jess was born in the quaint village of Woodbridge in the UK, has spent some of her childhood in the States and now resides near the beautiful Roman city of Bath. She lives with her husband, Phil, her two tiny humans (one boy and one girl) and her very dapsy cat, Pleaides.

Governor of a small colony, Dante speaks for more mates than ever before. And there’s always something new to build, another habitat to buy and install, and the money has more than run out.
Desperate to be flying, yet stuck fixing problems he didn’t create, Dante grown more and more frustrated. And the tension doesn’t end there. With more than a few mates unsatisfied with the slow progress and lack of profit they feel they deserve, Kit finds herself running dangerous cargo routes alone, the rest unwilling to help.
But the alliance’s old rival hasn’t given up. With even more of a grudge to bear, he sends Kit a nasty surprise that almost ruins her entirely. Can one of the fleet’s best pilots recover? Or will mutiny tear the alliance apart?

“I dunno,” Kit replied, not entirely comfortable with all of the character bashing going on. She didn’t understand all of Dante’s decisions, but that didn’t mean he was always wrong. And there was a good reason to rota them for scout duty together. “I think he wanted to make it so most of the time we can work together on things like this. If one or two of us Xeartais mates are always on duty, we’ll never get to do anything as a group.”

Silence met her comments on the matter, the atmosphere changing slightly. Kit raised an eyebrow to Sky, few others even looking her way, but Sky only shrugged in response and carried on monitoring the systems, several repair bots at her feet.

“There it is!” Kayla squealed, pointing to a planet on the map she had on display. “Plenty of asectoria floating around.”

“Fantastic. Let’s get down on the ground and get everyone suited up and ready to have some fun.”

“What’s the gravity like?” Nora asked.

“Low. But there’s a basic atmosphere and a breeze, so these things can get up some serious speed if the conditions are right. That’s what drew Limnad. He said the surface of the planet looked like a writhing mass of plant.”

Kit’s eyes went wide as she looked out the viewport. Most of the ship mates were looking that way too.

The planet didn’t seem to be moving as such at first, but then something swirled and the movement became obvious.

Another ten minutes later and the ship was on the surface. Now they were low down, Kit could see what had caused the movement. The planet was covered in tumbleweed-like balls of plant, the color a dark blue and the balls almost a whole meter in diameter. Every mate was fully suited, breathing apparatus connected and visors on.

Kit tapped her comms on.

“How are we catching these things?” she asked.

“Nets!” Victor said. “But there’s not enough for everyone. “We need two on the ship to squash these things down a bit. Two more with nets by the cargo hatch to do some catching and the rest of you scurvy lot are going to play the weirdest game of space basketball you’ve ever seen in your life. You catch one of those balls and bounce it at your team mates. For each ball that goes in the net you’ll get a point.”

“What does the winning team get when we get back?” Kayla asked.

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