Redemption by Sandra Morrical


Redemption by Sandra Morrical
English | 2019 | fantasy | ePUB | 1.0 Mb

Redemption: Finding love is hard, but losing love is even harder. Redemption is a book about passion, revenge, and lost love, with a supernatural twist. Horror and black magic combine with an epic love story, leading to suspense and mystery when that love is torn asunder.How would you like to bring back a lost love and obtain justice from the individuals responsible for their death? Susie, a wife so upset over losing her husband Lance to a stress-induced heart attack, discovers a way for him to have justice, magical justice. However, Susie quickly learns the lesson that “what is dead should stay dead,” as Lance, recently returned from the grave, begins exacting his revenge with an evil agenda in mind. Susie must wrestle with the love for her husband and the sinister force now possessing him. During the course of these events, a battle of good and evil ensues within each individual character, forcing the question: what would you do? Redemption is an adult horror novella. Some readers have compared the tone of this Stephen King’s Pet Sematary and Carrie.

“The next morning, Lance took Susie to meet his parents. They instantly fell in love with her and her with them. This was so meant to be, she thought, and everything just proved it to be so. This was their last night together, and they expressed their love for each other in more ways than one. “Susie, I’m going to miss you so much that my heart, body, and soul will ache for you until we are together again.”

“Lance, I feel the same way, but we will be together soon. This love is meant to be, and all the signs say that.” Susie started crying. “I’m missing you already. I will call you every day, send you an email every day.”

“I will do the same. Susie, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I want to be with you always.” Lance grabbed Susie and kissed her with such a kiss she would remember it for days. “Bye, my baby girl.”

The weekend was over and she was home, with a wonderful feeling. She had encountered his parents that weekend, and she just fell in love with them, and they fell in love with her. Leaving was hard. They continued to talk on the phone and on the computer. Susie and Lance missed each other very much. Lance planned to come and see her, but it wouldn’t be for another month. Susie, for now, just worked, took care of her kids and parents, and waited for her knight.”

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