Redemption: Earth Sorcerer: Book One by D. L. Harrison

Redemption Earth Sorcerer

Redemption: Earth Sorcerer: Book One by D. L. Harrison
English | 2021| Fantasy| ePUB | 1.5 MB

 Tony Walker is an earth sorcerer on the run. He’s been running from his powerful enemies for the last six years, ever since he discovered his power at sixteen and crossed them in ignorance and by accident. It isn’t an easy life.

His life is about to change, when his travels put him in Seattle for the first time, and he meets some people that just might be crazy enough to help him out… for a price.

Note: This is the first book of a trilogy. No major cliffhangers but expect a few minor unresolved plot threads. The main plot of the book will be resolved. This story is told in the first person, from Tony’s point of view.
This series takes place in the same world started in the Power of Air series, and the Water sorceress series. It is not necessary to read those to enjoy or understand this trilogy.
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy

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