Refusal by Emmy Ellis


Refusal (The Cardigan Estate Book 3) by Emmy Ellis
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 2.8 MB

Emmy Ellis writes mystery and psychological thriller.

Patch bosses just don’t know when to stay in their own lane…
Lavender turns tricks for a living at the parlour behind The Angel. She’s been hiding in plain sight, but her past has caught up with her. She should have known running wouldn’t solve her problems…
Kevin Robins runs one of London’s patches, and he’s been searching for Lavender for three years. He’s finally found her—and plans to reel her back to his sordid life.
Martin is snatched off the streets and taken to an attic, where he suffers torturous abuse. What he doesn’t understand is why two men, called The Brothers, have given him a helping hand.
Teddy is devastated at a wicked turn of events. He wants someone to pay and won’t rest until justice is served.
The Cardigan Estate, where life is easy—if you’re friends with twins who are more than happy to mete out retribution.

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