Renee 3 by Brandie Davis

Renee 3

Renee 3 by Brandie Davis: Long Live the Queen (Urban Books)
English | 2020| General Fiction / Classics | ePUB | 3.3 MB

Born and raised in New York City Brandie Davis graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English from York College and is the founder of My Urban Books blog and Facebook book club. From home she continues to pen drama filled novels while developing her blog, geared towards shining light on readers and authors.

Carmen has gotten her wish. Renee is no longer queen. Being stripped of her title and the power that comes with it, Renee must start from scratch and rebuild what she once controlled.Having turned their backs on one another, Renee’s once strong circle is now dismantled, and each individual is after what ripped them apart¾Carmen. Carmen’s making it hard for them to capture her and doing whatever she must to survive. Renee wants revenge along with everyone else, but will she achieve it, or will she die in battle without the help of Julian and Dane?

Watching Dane, the hard assassin who mentored and introduced Renee to the drug world, with her family made Renee want one of her own. Such things as visiting relatives’ homes, where you gossiped, laughed, ate dinners, and connected, made Renee wish she had kept her uncle Lyfe around and not killed him in that fire. While sleeping in Dane’s aunt Laura’s guest room, Renee would stay up all hours of the night imagining how life would have been had her mother loved her, her father never died, and her sister Page been halfway sane. She thought long and hard about the what-ifs and listened to the nights Dane escaped from her family’s home and did her killings. She listened to the cries she and her aunt poured out the night they killed Dane’s brother-in-law, Benz. That was the night that shook Renee to the core simply because it had proven that every woman she knew was cursed just like her. Back home in the comfort of her own bed, Renee listened to the sound of Julian’s heartbeat. There was nothing more soothing than resting her head on her childhood love’s chest and listening to his very existence. Thoughts of marriage and motherhood walked their way into her mind and took a seat. It surprised her how at ease she became once she painted a picture of her very own family. She was surprised twice as much when she heard herself expressing these emotions to Julian. “What if we gave it a try?” “Gave what a try?” “Getting married and having kids.” Julian sat Renee up so that he could look at her. “Where is this coming from?” “From here.” She pointed to her heart, the strongest muscle in her body that leaked out love. Gazing into Renee’s eyes, he saw the woman he fell in love with who’d fought to come out of her dark corner. He saw his lover and friend, the reason for his existence. When she smiled at him, he saw the woman he betrayed. “So what do you think?” she asked, pulling him out of his guilt-ridden thoughts. “I think it’s gonna happen, as long as you forgive me.” “Forgive you for what?” Julian failed the first time he tried to come clean and expose that he had slept with Carmen before either of them had known she was Renee’s half-sister, the love child Renee’s father created out of adultery, so now Julian refused to fail at coming clean again. “Renee, when I went to Jamaica to speak with Dane, I—” “Renee! Get down here!” The urgency in Dane’s voice caused Renee and Julian to look at each other in confusion and exit the room. As frustrating as it was to be interrupted for the second time he tried to tell his secret, Julian was relieved that Dane announced herself. The last thing he wanted was to spill his guts when they weren’t alone. The conversation was personal, between him and Renee, and no other person’s input or opinion was welcomed.

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