Reparation by Mike Grist


Reparation by Mike Grist : A Christopher Wren Thriller
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 1.5 Mb

Reparation : It takes a cult leader to kill a cult.
Reeling from a spree of vigilante executions high in the Alaskan tundra, cult leader and ex-CIA agent Christopher Wren stumbles upon a snuff movie like no other. The budget was in the millions. The death was live-streamed on social media. The result is medieval – a billionaire banker torn apart before an audience of billions – and only Wren recognizes what it means.
Chaos is coming.
A dark day of rage dawns across America. Reparations for old crimes will be paid in a tidal wave of blood. Wren alone stands in the tsunami’s path, just one man trying to hold back the flood …

“Stop pacing, Quanse,” came a gravelly voice to Handel’s right. Damalin Joes III, an infamous corporate raider and maybe Handel’s biggest competition in whatever this damn kidnap situation was. Peering through the cage walls, Handel appraised his opponent for the hundredth time.

Outrageously fat, were always the first words to mind. Damalin Joes III had never denied himself a thing, it seemed, bringing him a girth to rival the most desperate trailer-park loser; storing up a glistening winter coat of high-fructose fat that ripened year after year like the rings of a tree. Damalin Joes’ mass seemed anything but desperate, though; more an act of impressive will.

His calves were as round as basketballs, his thighs were hams that could feed the five thousand, and his gut? His gut was a miracle of gravity-defiance, jutting massive, round and proud like an overstuffed turducken. All he needed was the bacon basting to bring it together…

“It’s happening now, Quanse. Save your energy.”

Joes sounded worried. His eyes flashed intensity.

Handel ignored him. Damalin Joes was famously manipulative, ruthless and insatiable. He lived off the thrill of asset-stripping the life’s work of lesser men. Mind-games and gaslighting were his meat and potatoes. “

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