Rescue Mission by Linda Jordan

Rescue Mission

Rescue Mission by Linda Jordan (Islands of Seattle #1)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 717 Kb

Rescue Mission: After the ice caps melt, a flu pandemic devastates our world. The big earthquake leaves the left coast smashed, a shadow of its former self. Magic rushes in. Filling the empty spaces of our world. Humanity survives and in places, thrives.

Cady, a loner, lives just outside a small village. One of those who uses magic, she finds things and people.

Several villagers sneak into the Zoo, a nearby compound run by deadly gangs. One of them gets caught. Few outsiders understand the Zoo, except Cady. She must risk everything or live with the shame of not helping.

A unique world filled with complex characters and strong magic. Readers of epic fantasy who crave something new and different need to dive into this five-book series now. Plus—dragons!

“Perhaps, it had been caused by the mingling of cultures who’d rarely spoken and now lived side by side. Perhaps, it was the world shaking up like a handful of dice. Or perhaps, the quakes and the winds stirred up things that had long lay sleeping.

One day it was an Egyptian Goddess appearing in a town. The next, a dragon swept across a field, igniting the grass. The third day it was an old white preacher damning the wicked with fire shooting out his fingertips, lighting the entire church on fire. He burned to death, a testament to his own wickedness.

The incidents went on and on. Cities fell into the sea and quakes wracked the heartland. Seattle had stabilized, at least as stable as it would ever be. The Space Needle became the Sea Needle and the land transformed itself into the Islands of Seattle. I-5 which had once been far, far, above the water level now touched it. No one sane dared to drive on it, fearing its collapse.

Most people had already abandoned cars anyway, there was little gasoline available and its cost was dear. A few people made their own diesel, but re-used cooking oil was hard to come by because even fresh cooking oil was hard to come by and expensive.”

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