Resistance is Fertile by David G. Johnson

Resistance is Fertile

Resistance is Fertile by David G. Johnson (Shattered Galaxy #2)
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 3.2 MB

Captain Molon Hawkins has spent the last four years building the reputation of his ship, Star Wolf, as a dependable mercenary vessel. But now, Molon must take his hardcore mercenary crew into the realm of shadow runners: agents who operate more like spies than soldiers.

After replacing losses from their last mission, nearly a fourth of Star Wolf’s crew are new recruits. Many are civilians or former shadow runners with a history of bucking authority. Just getting his spit-and-polish soldier-boys to play nice with these misfits would be challenge enough on a milk-run. But Star Wolf is heading for its most dangerous assignment yet.

This job will take them behind enemy lines, bringing weapons and supplies to a budding resistance movement on a Fei terraforming colony occupied by the brutal Lubanians of Alpha Pack. Will this crew be able to pull together and succeed, or will this be the final foray for Molon Hawkins and the crew of Star Wolf?

Twitch was not only his lifetime partner in the Scouts, and his executive officer, but also his best friend. Maybe that’s why this time, more than ever before, Molon couldn’t shake the guilt. Twitch’s neck injury had not only happened on his watch, but it had happened on a mission he had chosen to undertake against her advice. It was the mission that had brought Dr. John Salzmann to Star Wolf as chief medical officer. Molon suspected it was the guilt, in John’s mind anyway, at being responsible for Star Wolf’s involvement in their last mission, that had driven the wealthy doctor to go so far above and beyond expectations to find a way to help her.

John had been meeting with the Sarren system’s top physicians to explore treatment and prosthesis options for Twitch to restore some functionality and independence. He and Dub, Star Wolf’s chief engineer, had already made considerable mechanical accommodations for Twitch since they had left Furi, but John had hoped the medical facilities on Sarren—rated Tech Level Fifteen—might bring other possibilities to the table. If there was any justice in the universe, John was dropping by now to bring good news from Sarren’s medical team.

“So, John, what’s the word?”

“Captain,” John began, taking a seat on the couch near Molon’s desk chair. “I know you have called a meeting of the senior officers at 1300 hours, but before that meeting I need to update you about the situation with Twitch.”

“Okay.” Molon felt his stomach tightening as he noticed John was not beaming his usual boyish smile. “How’s my XO?”

John rubbed his hands together. His gaze fell slightly, no longer looking Molon in the eye. John was not one to hide bad news, so his demeanor stood the fur at the base of Molon’s lupine neck on end. The lip over Molon’s left canine began to twitch as he fought back the urge to snarl. Humans did not read Lubanian facial expressions well, and John would almost certainly mistake Molon’s apprehension as aggression. He did not want to startle the doctor, especially before hearing about Twitch’s status.

“We’ve made amazing progress,” John said with a less-than-enthusiastic smile. “The hardware we got on Furi, which Dub has been using to customize her new wheelchair, has been fantastic.”

“And yet you look like you just stepped in a huge pile of Dractauri scat. What gives?”

John wrung his hands. His leg began bouncing, a nervous tic Molon had observed John manifesting to evince his unease when the doctor needed to deliver bad news.

“Well, Captain, some additional treatment options have been made available here on Sarren.”

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