Resurfaced Passion by V. Theia

Resurfaced Passion

Resurfaced Passion by V. Theia (Renegade Souls MC Romance Saga Book 6)
English | 2019 | Romance | ePUB |377 Kb

Resurfaced Passion : Reaper was the unknown biker around the Renegade Souls MC. They said he ghosted his silence into the woodwork, carrying his secret past close to his chest, never confiding his pain in anyone.

“I’ll always, always love you.”

He had reasons for everything he’d done. For the one he called his priority. Nothing was too much. Even murder.
Loyal to his club, he knew one day if he had to choose between them and her, he’d walk away without a backward glance.

There’s no madness like a biker obsessed.

The bikers called her diner girl but to Reaper, Paige was the woman he watched intensely without ever asking her for a date. They shared an overprotective – borderline possessive friendship but years later, Paige was still alone. Still worshipping him from afar. Still inexplicably drawn to the biker.

“There’s three people in my relationship; me, him and her.”

The past isn’t always better left behind.
Sometimes it needs to resurface in order to have a future with the man who brought passion.

Loving the quiet man was the easiest thing on earth, like she was made only for him.
But secrets had a habit of coming back and making a love that was unbreakable suddenly…fragile.

Disclaimer: This is not, not, NOT a cheating book. For the people in the back, this is not a cheating book. Stop hiding, it’s completely safe.

“Reaper wasn’t surly by nature; he just didn’t suffer fools lightly and didn’t like two-faced fuckers who would smile at the same time as sticking in the knife.

He’d known a few of those in his time and recognized it clearly with Brex’s demeanor. The man was a snake in the grass. But while he had money to burn, the RS would happily take it from him.

He offered a hand and they shook briefly.

“Can’t complain.” He parked his ass on a table and folded his arms, the leather of his thin jacket creaking, while Brex squeezed his bigger bulk into a leather backed chair. The office space they were in boasted zero windows and was no more than eight feet wide, so he figured they were doing the transaction in a broom closet.

“What do you need?”

“Straight to business. I like that, son.” He chuckled nasally. His watch dog stood outside the door but didn’t step inside.

“Actually nothing. I’m here to close my account, so to speak.”

Reaper arched his brow under his skull cap. Say what now? For as long as he’d been with the Renegade Souls, and it was coming up on five years now, this rat in the garbage paid over the odds to hide all his dirty deeds and secrets in one of the Souls underground bunkers, midway up the mountains.”


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