Resurgence by Iain Rob Wright


Resurgence by Iain Rob Wright (Hell on Earth Book 5)
English | 2019 | Apocalyptic | ePUB | 1.5 Mb

Resurgence : Mankind is fighting back. The demons have become less aggressive and confused, but that doesn’t mean the war is anywhere close to over. New threats are arriving, and old foes are rallying. Soon, the final battle for mankind’s survival will begin.

“Aymun reached out and shook the snoring demon to his left. “David? David, wake up.”

The demon bolted upright, as he often did when woken. The small creature was a bag of nerves. “I am David!”

“Yes, you are David. I am Aymun, your friend.”

The demon blinked and stared at Aymun. It spoke slowly. “Yes, Ay-mond. Safe Ay-mond.”

Aymun patted David’s sinewy thigh. “Vamps is missing.”

David leapt up and started hopping anxiously. He’d been naked when they’d first started travelling with him, but now the demon wore loose-fitting black trousers and a Tottenham FC shirt. “Bad thing. Bad thing. We must find.”

Aymun stood up. “Yes, we need to find Vamps and the abomination inside him.”

“Vamps good. Vamps bad.”

“Both. Help me look.”

David stopped hopping and gave Aymun a serious look. “Yes. Help.”

And so the two of them set off through the woods, a Syrian and a demon, both far from home. Which direction Vamps had travelled was unclear, but Aymun spotted some trampled leaves and a snapped branch that led him towards a nearby incline. He hoped he would find his friend at the top.”

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