Retribution by James Rosone,Miranda Watson


Retribution by James Rosone,Miranda Watson (The Falling Empires Series Book 5)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.8 MB

James Rosone is the Amazon Top 100 bestselling author of the Red Storm Series and World War III military thriller series. He’s an Iraq War veteran who served 3.5 years in a combat zone as a military interrogator and contractor.

After two bloody years of war…
… America has united for one common cause.
The global conspiracy to dismantle the country is finally exposed. The perpetrators of these heinous acts are being hunted down and dealt with by JSOC and the CIA Special Activities Division.
Knowing the war is lost, the Chinese begin to implement a complete scorched earth policy across large swaths of America. Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California are becoming complete wasteslands. A genocide of biblical proportions is taking place and the death toll climbs into the millions.
America responds with unparalled wrath as it unleashes a new superweapon.
The countries of Britain, Poland, Romania, Columbia, Japan, and India join America in waging total war on China.
The time for retribution is now. America will not be denied its pound of flesh.

The Chinese soldiers seemed temporarily stunned at the discovery of the Americans, and Higgins’s men had their weapons up first. “Contact front!” a soldier shouted. In unison, they unloaded on the Chinese soldiers, decimating them before they had a chance to fire.

Maybe having half our guys in their boxers just saved us, Higgins thought. That one second of hesitation had cost the Chinese their lives.

“Check around that corner,” Higgins yelled. “Does anyone have an AT4 or something that can take that vehicle out?”

“I got one, Sergeant,” shouted one of the new replacements.

“Private, give the AT4 to Staff Sergeant Rippon. Then run back to the hotel and grab several more from the armory,” Higgins ordered, pointing at two other soldiers to go with him.

The specialist who’d poked his head around the corner turned around and loudly announced, “We got another APC heading our direction. Looks like at least another twenty PLA soldiers with it.”

Crap, thought Higgins. How did all these vehicles and soldiers get past our perimeter and the roadblocks?

“AT4 up! Rippon, kill that thing. I want four of you across the street in that building there. The rest of you, fan out in these other buildings along the road leading back to the hotel—make sure at least six of you are covering that road to our left. I don’t want them to flank us.” With their tasks assigned, the soldiers steeled themselves for a fight and took off. Everyone knew that in a few minutes, there was going to be a warzone in their little piece of heaven.

Higgins started setting up a machine-gun position facing the corner of Main Street and Commerce Street. He spotted Captain Peavler and another platoon of soldiers heading his direction and trotted over to the captain to get him up to speed and explain his current plan.

“I’ll take my platoon and head to the road behind the hotel,” said Captain Peavler. “If they try to encircle us, we’ll be ready.”

Peavler and his men headed out before Higgins had time to ask any questions, but Higgins was pretty sure the captain had already called in their SOS to the QRF unit. That unit had a platoon of Abrams tanks, a detachment of Bradleys, and two platoons of Strykers—more than enough firepower to take out whatever armor vehicles had breached their lines.

Higgins’s radio crackled. “Here they come,” said one of his squad leaders.

One of the M240 gunners opened fire on the approaching troops and lone APC. The armored vehicle turned its turret to return fire on the American machine-gun crew, but before they could fire, Sergeant Rippon appeared on the roof of a nearby building and unleashed his AT4. The antitank weapon penetrated the lightly armored engine compartment of the vehicle. Belching smoke, the APC ground to a halt. Seconds later, it blew up, killing several of the soldiers who had been using it as cover from the Americans. Shrapnel and debris flew outward. What few enemy soldiers remained were then mowed down by Higgins’s machine-gun crews.

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