Reveal by Darren Cole


Reveal by Darren Cole (Caustic 4)
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 166 Kb

Reveal : An Environmental Catastrophe. A World in Darkness.
For centuries, Phil Stark has been the keeper of the machine that changed the world. Guilt-ridden, impossibly alone, and losing his mind, the machine is his penance for what he’d done.
When Phil meets Isla, he finds a kinship that he didn’t think was possible. And when he crosses paths with Sammi and Declan, he believes that his life, and the fate of the world, might change forever.

“No zombie body working.”

His heart skipped and an anxious feeling set in him. On occasion, he would find someone like him, someone who was aware and who did things sometimes without following the lights. Phil glanced at the lights, expecting to see an alarm, but they were quiet. He knelt down, moving the vent cover out of his way and peered inside.

He struggled in the darkness, seeing nothing but the ghostly remains of the lights on the wall. Blinking them away, he narrowed his focus on the dim light seeping into the ductwork from the blood vault. A silhouette. He saw the shape of a small woman, frozen in place, nearly completely hidden in the blackness.

“Hey you,” he called out. His voice rushed out in a rasp—scratchy and unused. “What are you doing in there?”

The woman remained still, making no movements and saying nothing. His thoughts went to injury or possibly death. Phil sized up the opening and cradled the lip of the ductwork, readying himself.

“Can you hear me?” he called out louder and crawled inside, stopping at his waist. The fit was tight and he barely squeezed his shoulders through. “I don’t want to have to come over there… too far.” The silhouetted figure finally moved, threading a breath of relief from Phil’s lips.”

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