Rigged by James Rosone, Miranda Watson


Rigged by James Rosone, Miranda Watson (The Second American Civil War #1)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 393 kb

Rigged : From the Amazon Top 100 Bestselling Authors of the Red Storm Series…

For the last hundred years, the world has operated on a set of rules and social norms that largely benefited the few at the expense of the many.

Then the unthinkable happened. A revolt took place, and order was broken.

When a new American President bucked the status quo, it set into motion a series of events meant to return the country to the control of the few.

Secluded in the small Alpine town of St. Moritz, Switzerland, a rebuttal was crafted. A secret cabal of wealthy and influential men and women gathered to plot the most audacious plan since the formation of America. Cloaked in secrecy and blind loyalty to their leader, these masters of manipulation will embark upon a journey that will change the future of humanity.

As the next presidential election approaches in the United States, the general populace is unaware of the plot that has been hatched underneath the surface. Will this election be free and fair, or will it be rigged?

If you like political intrigue coupled with hair-raising action, geopolitical chess, and cutting-edge technology, you’ll love Rosone and Watson’s opening installment of the Second American Civil War.

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*When you buy a book written by Rosone and Watson, they have chosen to donate a portion of the proceeds to help support the following organizations: Tunnel to Towers Foundation, Operation Underground Railroad, and Charity: Water.

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“No. I didn’t tell anyone I was working on this project. As far as my friends know, I’m still running my fake news website. I might add, that website pays pretty well too,” Dafina asserted. She lifted her chin up, fully relaxing her shoulder muscles.

“Excellent,” Wen replied. He moved his right hand up to her face, and before she even knew what was happening, he snapped her neck, momentarily holding her now-limp body in his arms. He gently laid her down on the bed they had been sitting on and folded her laptop up, placing it in his backpack.”



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