Ring of Thorns by Allen Kent

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Ring of Thorns by Allen Kent (Unit 1 Series Book 6)
English | 2020|Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 1.3 MB

>>> A plane disappears in the African bush carrying a priceless treasure <<<
>>> A CIA hunt for the missing pilot <<<
>>> A deep fracture in America’s clandestine intelligence community <<<
When Unit 1’s lead agent, Adam Zak, learns that a former Air Force buddy who once saved his life has disappeared in the African bush, he feels compelled to go to the man’s rescue–only to find that he is racing against the CIA and an assassin seeking revenge. In Book 6 of Allen Kent’s popular Unit 1 Thriller series, the deep-cover Unit 1 goes head-to-head with its parent Agency as both pursue a disaffected former agent and a seductive young anthropologist with a backpack full of stolen fossils. Can the fugitives, stranded by a plane crash in the Angolan wilds, evade capture by American intelligence agents and attacks by Africa’s natural predators before Zak reaches them? Will the Unit survive a confrontation with a CIA director who has had enough of a team of mavericks over which he believes he has lost control? And who suffers most if the Unit can no longer remain independent, with its identity hidden behind its protective Ring of Thorns?


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