Ripcord by Scott Pratt


Ripcord by Scott Pratt (Billy Beckett Book 3)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.7 MB

Scott Pratt has written a variety of legal thrillers. The Joe Dillard Series is, perhaps, his most significant works. It is a fictitious serious comprised of six books; in which Attorney Joe Dillard is the protagonist or main character. The series is written from a first person perspective, and the protagonist reflects the author himself.

Russell Mann is one of the brightest young talents in the National Basketball Association, and he’s on the verge of signing a new contract worth $100 million or more.
But people close to him keep turning up dead.
In the third installment of the bestselling Billy Beckett Series, Billy finds himself representing the troubled star, a young man he has shepherded from the tough streets of the Bronx to the bright lights of the NBA’s Orlando Magic. Despite Billy’s guidance, violence seems to stalk Russell at every turn, and the agent unwittingly finds himself tangled in a web of death and deceit. Blackmailed and confronted with the prospect of forfeiting millions, Billy must answer a terrifying question: should he choose his client or his conscience?

The night was late, but Russell Mann was still wired. He had walked off the arena floor just a few hours earlier to a standing ovation and scattered chants of his increasingly popular nickname. The most spectacular performance of his career, arguably the best in franchise history, would surely raise eyebrows around the league. He was becoming a next-level star. An all-star. Super Mann!

Let the haters chew on that a while.

Russell had stopped at a trendy new nightspot in Park Lake-Highland to celebrate with friends, ending his self-imposed ban on drinking in public. He even picked up the tabs of everyone sitting at the bar, to more applause, before heading home after midnight.

He should have been a satisfied man, ready to get a good night’s sleep and build on a seminal achievement. A quadruple-double — thirty-one points, thirteen rebounds, ten assists, ten steals — could sway opinions far and wide in the basketball world. There had been only a handful ever recorded in the league, and none in the last twenty-six years. Few players would dare to dream of such a feat.

The timing couldn’t have been better for Russell. His current contract in Orlando was about to expire, and behind the scenes other suitors were already lining up to bid for the services of the gritty six-foot-eight forward. There was little doubt that he had earned a huge raise, perhaps a nine-figure deal in the new NBA economy. The stat-stuffing outburst against Charlotte would only bolster his credentials.

But for the moment, Russell had more pressing concerns on his mind.

As the clock ticked toward two, he was bothered and pacing around his airy home in the Windermere community. He couldn’t forget what happened earlier at the nightclub, an old acquaintance from the Bronx named Blue Warren — one of his guests at the game, in fact — disrespecting him that way, feeding a potential girlfriend sordid details about his past. Even from a distance, he could see it on her face. That look. She was so shaken that she excused herself and took a Lyft ride home. And now she wouldn’t answer his calls.

Had Blue forgotten that the big man was always keeping score?

Such disrespect wouldn’t be tolerated in Hunts Point, and it wasn’t going to be tolerated here either. The air had to be cleared. The more he thought about it, the angrier Russell became. And when he was angry and intoxicated, all bets were off.

He snatched his phone from the table and dialed T-Bone, the most trusted member of his entourage, who had dropped him at the house less than an hour earlier. Russell wanted to see Blue Warren again. Soon.

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