Riven by Bronwyn Eley


Riven by Bronwyn Eley (The Relic Trilogy: Book II)
English | 2020| Fantasy | ePUB | 3.1 MB

Kaylan’s life as she knew it is over. Again.
Hunted by the guards of Edriast and their ruthless captain, Kaylan is forced to flee into a world she’s never seen, armed with a power she never wanted. With her brother Elias by her side, she escapes to the distant city of Stynos, where rumour has it a possible ally is waiting… An ally who might help Kaylan control the violent magic that’s become her burden to bear.
But Kaylan can’t hide forever – not from the forces that surround her, or from the darkness inside herself. Rebel leader Bellamy seeks her help to destroy a regime; Captain Thorn pursues her with a vengeance; and as her power grows, her inner demons begin to seep through the cracks…
Kaylan may be strong, but is she strong enough to resist the Relic?

All had been quiet for a long time. Nothing but the sound of leaves shifting in the wind, the rain falling on damp soil, the rustling of animals playing tricks on my mind.

But now things had changed. I’d known they would have to eventually, but fear still thundered in my chest. Rover squirmed, desperate to be free of my grip, to go to the very men who would kill me – and likely her – if they found us.

A rumble rippled through her chest and I clamped my hand over her snout, suppressing the bark that would give away our position. There were three guards, their swords waiting menacingly on their hips, walking forward in unison. Three guards searching for the traitor who had murdered Lord Rennard, ruler of Edriast.

Three guards searching for me.

If I had been asleep, they would have found us. But I wasn’t sleeping much these days, so I heard their approach, even over the rushing of the river.

Niell’s directions had been hurried, yet I still found myself surprised when I realised I was lost. The forest hadn’t seemed this dense from the outside, or this big when I saw it from the castle. But once I was inside, it became a labyrinth of enormous trees, protruding roots and paths that all looked strangely similar.

And now I had finally found my way through the forest, to the river on the other side that would lead me to Rullas and my brother – only to have my first run-in with the city guards.

I had thought the trip would take no more than two days, but already three nights had passed. Each new day meant my chances of finding Elias grew even more futile. Surely by now my brother would have heard what I had done. Everyone would know. And if he heard about our family from someone else, what then? Would he take off with his rebel friends to go find Bellamy before I could find him?

One of the guards muttered to the man on his right, directing him with a nod that pointed straight to where I was hiding. It wasn’t just a matter of hiding my body from view; I had to keep my distance, or the Relic would give away my position just as easily as a bark from Rover.

I took a calculated step, grateful that the sky was clear of clouds for the first time in a while. I could see my path more clearly by moonlight. One foot wrong, one delayed move and this would all be over. There was no way I could fight off three trained city guards. I was no fighter. What had happened with Rennard had been pure luck.

The Relic pulsed in my pocket, sparks of heat striking my chest. I willed it to settle, otherwise they would find us. They would kill me and take it. But I understood it well enough by now. It pulsed as if to remind me that I didn’t have to fight them off; it could do so for me. If only I would let it.

But the thought of the woman I had attacked with it back at my house kept me afraid. Maybe I had killed her, but I hadn’t had the time – or strength of will – to check.



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