Road to Redemption by David A. Simpson

Road to Redemption

Road to Redemption by David A. Simpson (Zombie Road #4)
English | 2018 | Horror| ePUB | 463 Kb

Road to Redemption : The world is recovering from a near extinction level event. Fortified enclaves and barricaded towns have managed to survive the long winter. Spring brings new hope and new beginnings. One boy, thrust too quickly into manhood, is learning to find his way in the new wastelands. With hopped up machines and purpose built muscle cars to run the roads, a new breed of pony express rider is born. The Road Ange.

“This wasn’t a supply run, they weren’t taking a truckload of food or ammo. This was a rescue, requiring speed and urgency.

Gunny slowed for a sharp curve, dropped a gear and hammered on it again, the fifty-five Chevy growling its big block fury into the afternoon. Hard men driving hard cars. Old school metal and pre-computer engines. They were simple to build, easy to fix, and parts were plentiful. Hollywood was in his Cadillac, five hundred cubic inches purring under the hood. Scratch sat behind the wheel of a flat black Buick Skylark with big-inch power and ram air induction. Griz brought up the rear in a Hemi powered Dodge panel van. He liked his comforts. Liked to stretch out when he slept. All of them had oversized tires, lifted suspension, Kevlar reinforced doors, bars over the windows, and custom brush guards protecting their fronts. Four barrels, superchargers, and oversized fuel tanks were the norm. They were trying to cover an eight-hour trip in seven. Maybe six. Time was ticking for people barely hanging on, a thousand corpses were beating on their defenses, slowly wearing them down.

Stabby McStabsalot was riding shotgun with Scratch and navigating. He called out the turns on the CB for Gunny, and the rest followed in his trail, eating up the miles.”

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