Rock-A-Bye Baby by Luke Murphy


Rock-A-Bye Baby by Luke Murphy (A Charlene Taylor Mystery Book 2)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 345 Kb

Rock-A-Bye : An aunt’s worst nightmare…
In the city of Denver, a series of baby kidnappings has the town devastated. With no ransom demands and no contact from the perpetrators, local law enforcement is at a dead end. No motive equals no answers.
A cop’s personal obsession…
Charlene Taylor’s niece becomes a victim, and the LAPD detective is thrown headfirst into a whirlwind case with similarities to one from seven years earlier. Out of her jurisdiction, and with no friends or leads, Charlene must walk-the-line between cop and sister.
Who can she trust?
Charlene has to decide who’s an ally, and when an unlikely partner steps forward, they must race against the clock: because that critical 48 hour window has come and gone.

“She opened her eyes and stared at the library of books on the shelves in front of her. Some old, some new, hardbacks and paperbacks. Books on psychology, psychiatry, neurology, sociology, and every other “gy” that existed. The titles and covers were now memorized—she’d been staring at them for so long.

After a long few minutes, without a response from Charlene, Gardner added, “You and Darren Brady shared a strong emotional connection. You worked together, closely, and a bond was formed when he saved your life. You trusted him, and, subconsciously, you probably felt that you owed him.”

True, she was emotionally attached.

“I was lied to, cheated, hunting the same man I was working with, and I had no idea.”

After a pause he said, “None of us did. You know it as flashbacks. In the medical world, we call it involuntary recurrent memory, a psychological phenomenon in which an individual has a sudden, usually powerful, re-experiencing of a past event or element of a past event. We have to determine why it is happening through your dreams and why now.”

Suddenly she straightened, turned around, and looked at the psychiatrist. “Are you saying that I was so obsessed with Darren, that I needed the emotional connection with the Celebrity Slayer so much, that I am subconsciously reaching out to regain that link?”

Gardner was silent.

She stood and shook her head. “That’s pathetic.”

“Not necessarily, Detective.” Gardner extended his hand for her to sit back down. She did, but this time facing the psychiatrist.

He went on, “We all need an outlet. We all need to feel necessary, to feel that there is something out there that pulls at us. Everyone makes connections to different things.”

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