Rogue Angel by Thomas Green

    Rogue Angel

Rogue Angel by Thomas Green (Lucifer Case Files Book 6)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.8 MB

Thomas is a paranormal and urban fantasy author, who sometimes pokes at other genres.

  • I only have two problems:
  1. I am dead.
  2. My daughter is trying to resurrect me.
    Before my death, I was Lucas Johnson, a fallen angel, and a private investigator.
    Now, I am Lucifer.
    And after six year’s worth of failed attempts at self-resurrection, I’ve had enough of being dead.
    But then fortune finally smiles upon me, and I hear a prayer.
    In his last moment of despair, a Colombian priest prays to me, offering his body and soul in exchange for my help.
    That’s the easiest deal of my life, and through that, I make the first step to my return.
    And it turns out I’m not the only one working on my revival.
    Pursued by the Church, Lillith, my only child, is also trying to resurrect me.
    A noble effort, but her plan contains a slight miscalculation.
    Instead of reviving me, she’s about to summon an Eldritch God.
    That would be the end of the world, so I have to stop her.
    But I also can’t let the Church catch her.
    For all the crimes Lillith has committed, they would throw her into prison for the rest of her life.
    And no matter how much she might deserve it, I can’t have that.
    A rogue angel or not, she is still my daughter.
    The daughter of the king of Hell.

“Healing takes time.” Ignatius smiled compassionately. And even though she wouldn’t admit it, she was making tremendous progress. For the first year after learning of her father’s death, she didn’t speak a word. “The Lord heals all wounds. I know. I might be old, but I am still an angel, so you can trust me about that.”

“No, you are not.” Lillith’s expression hardened, face slackening. “You are not an angel.”

Ignatius focused on his aether, summoning Shamsiel’s blessing. Wings sprouted from his back, halo forming above his head, power and peace filling his veins and soul. “How about you put that back and we go pray?”

“Pray and do nothing…” Lillith rolled her eyes. “That’s all you’re good for. I’ve given it six years, and what’s the result? My father is still dead, and I am every bit as alone as I was on day one. Your praying doesn’t work, so I’ll solve things myself. Now, get out of my way.”

“Or?” Ignatius asked, pushing his shields to their limit. The girl needed help, and he would give it to her. But first, she needed to calm down.

She shook her head, lips rolling up in disgust. “This is your problem. You have the halo, the wings, the blessing, and so you think you’re an angel. But you are not. Do you know why?” Faster than he could react, Lillith jabbed his chest, injecting her aether into him.

Her power pierced his shields as if they were nothing, reached straight into his heart, and shattered his spiritual core. Ignatius’s wings and halo disappeared, all power fading from him within an instant. The angelic blessing he carried for the past fifty years vanished.

The guardian spirits activated, knights made of silvery light floating from the walls, converging on them.

Wings of bright light burst from Lillith’s back, halo shining above her head. The display cases, the walls behind her and to her sides, and the ceiling above disintegrated. Rays of light flew from her wings, exploding as they hit the guardian spirits, shattering them into fragments of light that swiftly faded.

 Staring and breathless, Ignatius drew his sword more by instinct than anything else. His mind could not wrap around what he just witnessed and about his blessing suddenly being gone.

Lillith looked in his eyes, hers pools of light. A bright flash blinded Ignatius, searing pain shooting through his head.

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