Rogue Battleship by Jake Elwood

Rogue Battleship

Rogue Battleship by Jake Elwood (Green Zone War Book 5)
English | 2019 |Sci / Fi | ePUB | 302 Kb

Rogue Battleship: The Dawn Alliance holds Novograd in a steel fist, protected by a battle fleet and an armored space station. The factories of Novograd are the key to the war. Whoever controls the planet controls the Green Zone – and that means the station must be destroyed.

The station will be a tough nut to crack, but Tom Thrush has a plan. The key to cracking a nut is to bring a big enough hammer. There’s a crippled Dawn Alliance battleship limping home from the Battle of New Panama. His plan is simple: board the battleship, take control, and use it as a Trojan horse in a desperate assault on the station.

All he has to do is find the battleship in the trackless wastes of hyperspace, fight his way onboard, take over, and set course for Novograd. With a little luck, a lot of courage, and an iron will, the station will fall – and the real battle will begin.

“Tom grinned in spite of himself and tapped his console, opening a channel to the Afternoon Thunderstorm. “This mission just keeps getting easier and easier.”

“I don’t see them,” said O’Reilly. Normally the captain of a corvette, today he was a passenger on the Afternoon Thunderstorm. “Let’s see what the snooper has to say.” The bridge speakers beeped, and then O’Reilly said, “Alice, do you copy?”

A third voice joined the conversation. Alice Rose, who usually commanded the Winter Morning, was also a passenger for this mission. “Querying the snooper now.”

The snooper was Free Worlds technology. Tech created and perfected by colonist pirate fleets, in other words. Alice, as a former pirate, would know how to use it. Tom and O’Reilly were from the United Worlds Navy. They had only a general idea of how snoopers worked, or a hundred other pirate tools.

“I’ve got a direction,” Alice said. “They’re a good six hours ahead of us, but they’re not moving very fast.”

“I’ve got the heading,” Stormcrow said.

“Let’s go.”

The battleship burned.”

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