Rogue by James Swallow


Rogue (Marc Dane Series #5) by James Swallow
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 4.1 MB

The explosive new book from the master of the modern espionage thriller and Sunday Times bestseller James Swallow.
In modern espionage, every action has a reaction.
One wrong move could sink an entire region into turmoil – even war.
Ex-MI6 operative Marc Dane understands this better than anyone.
Dedicating his life to protecting the country means he’s collected enemies, and a lot of them.
But for those hellbent on bringing the West to its knees, each failed plot has one thing in common – The Rubicon Group, the elite private intelligence agency, and Dane’s employer.
Destroy Rubicon, and the world order falls with it.
With the clock ticking, Dane, along with sniper partner Lucy Keyes, must unpick a monstrous and deadly conspiracy that stretches from the marinas of Monaco to the mountains of Mozambique – one that threatens not only Rubicon, but ultimately the lives of millions of innocent civilians.
And time is fast running out . . .
Dark secrets of the past, a decades-long quest for revenge, and a brutal conspiracy of lies all collide in ROGUE – the explosive new novel by the bestselling author of Nomad and Exile.

One of the other men subvocalised a radio reply, catching on to the same conclusion. He turned right and jogged up a footbridge, crossing to the far platform in case she did make a run for it.

Echo-One saw her two pursuers split, and her face fell. She had nowhere to go now, and she knew it. The handful of other travellers on the platform thinned out around her as she reached the southern end of the station, her pace slowing.

Her body language changed, her shoulders dropping, her posture telegraphing the sense of defeat that had to be coursing through her mind. She came to a halt and drew her arms tight. Rain ran off the bill of her cap in streams as she stared bleakly into the tunnel beyond the platform’s edge.

Flickering lights danced in the blackness down there, and an automated announcement gave a warning to stand back from the platform edge as another train approached. The dark-skinned man kept up his careful, casual pace, drawing closer to the woman with each footstep. His hand slipped under his parka to rest on the grip of his pistol.

A chattering line of white and grey carriages rolled out of the gloom and sped past, the empty train heading back to the depot, and the sound and motion of it was a trigger.

Echo-One exploded into motion, sprinting towards the tunnel at the end of the platform even as the train was still emerging from it. The dark-skinned man heard the snarl of annoyance from his teammate a few steps behind, and for a split second he hesitated.

As the last carriage of the empty train passed out of the tunnel, the target vaulted off the platform and landed square-footed on the trackbed, scattering gravel as she lost no pace and fled into the poorly lit subway.

He broke into a run, calling out to the other hunters. They had to contain this situation. If Echo-One was operating out of blind panic, there was a good chance she might injure herself dashing through the darkness, or worse, get hit by another fast-moving train. They had to secure her before that could happen.

The other passengers on the platform were slow to react, still caught by surprise, and no one stopped the dark-skinned man and his colleague as they dropped over the edge and went after the woman in the cap. The third hunter on the far platform followed suit, moving behind them to come up a parallel tunnel.

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