Rolling Thunder by Matt Lincoln

 Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder by Matt Lincoln (Coastal Fury #1)
English | 2019 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 314 Kb

Rolling Thunder: Back in his day, Ethan Marston was the best of the best when it came to taking down the worst of the worst in Miami. Now though? Well, he’s just a humble bar owner with a story to tell, a girl to save, and a few drinks to make… or is he?

“Mike snorted. “Well, it’s five o’clock somewhere,” he said as he tried to push past me, “and let’s not forget point number four: I seem to recall ‘free drinks for life’ being part of my asking price for this-here historic watering hole. Now, if you’d be so kind as to move your large, cranky ass out of my way, I hear a double shot of whiskey calling my name.”

“You sure you don’t want a Mai-Tai or something to go with that getup?” I relented with a laugh and let him pass, resplendent in his board shorts and Hawaiian shirt, complete with flip-flops. “What the hell, come on in. Drink all you want. With you, I figure ‘for life’ is only gonna last a few years, anyway.”

Instead of the smart-ass comeback I expected, Mike stopped short and gave a low whistle. “Okay. Not what I thought you’d do with the place.”

“Yeah, what’d you think I’d do?” I quipped with a smirk. “Throw in some garland and hula girls to complement your classy décor?”

“No idea. Just not this, I guess.” He flashed a grin over his shoulder, and it wasn’t hard to see it was truly impressed. “Pretty good for a grunt.”

I shrugged. “Say that when the hula girls get here,” I said with a short laugh as I steered him toward the bar. “You looking for Evan or Jim?”

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