Rose by Any Other Name by Becki Willis

Rose by Any Other Name

Rose by Any Other Name by Becki Willis (The Sisters, Texas Mystery Series, Book 10)
English | 2020| Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 3.0 MB

Best-selling author Becki Willis loves crafting stories with believable characters in believable situations. Many of her stories stem from her own travels and from personal experiences. (No worries; she’s never actually murdered anyone).

It’s summertime in Texas, when temperatures—and tempers—soar.
A mysterious woman moves to The Sisters, and the tongues start wagging. Who is this Rose Belvedere? Why did she move here, of all places? Was that a body the movers stuffed into the van?
Calls flood into the police department, but without probable cause, Chief Brash deCordova can’t do much more than make an inquiry. When Madison (dead-body magnet that she is) stumbles upon a gruesome discovery, all that changes. Now there’s a body, but no suspect. Even the newcomer has a solid alibi. Will the husband and wife duo uncover the truth before the killer strikes again?
Saving up to buy his first truck, sixteen-year-old Blake has a summer job at Marvin Gardens. He’s prepared for hard work and long hours, but he isn’t prepared for a mystery of his own. Recruiting help from his sisters, the teenagers may just form a junior division of would-be sleuths for In a Pinch Professional Services.

He paid careful attention to the ground as he made his way up the walkway to the front door. There were obvious signs of heavy traffic, consistent with movers scurrying back and forth with furniture and boxes. His trained eye looked for traces of blood. As he took the steps up and across the porch, he saw the telltale trace left by two or more pairs of rubber-soled work boots, the slightly muddy heel print of a single cowboy boot, and a scattered pattern left by the pointy heels of a woman’s pump.

Eyes cast downward to study the tracks crisscrossing the porch, Brash was aware of the front door opening before he knocked. As his gaze fell upon the aforementioned pair of pumps, his analytical mind processed the scene as he observed it.

Leather pumps in butter yellow. Two-inch heel. Trim ankles, shapely calves. Nice tan, most likely fake. Slight smudges around kneecaps and ankles, suggesting a hasty application. Hemline shorter than Maddy wears, but still modest. Flared skirt over flared hips. Dress is predominantly pink roses on a muted background; just enough yellow to justify the shoes and matching belt cinched around a slim waist. Toned arms, generous bust. Squared neckline just a skosh above too low. Heart-shaped locket on a slightly tarnished chain. Rose-tinted lips puckered just like a rosebud. Slightly flared nostrils, straight nose, wide-spaced gray eyes. Hair too black and shiny to be natural.

Dressed as she was, Brash suspected the woman was the real estate agent.

“Hello, Officer.” The woman’s voice was soft and delicate, bringing to mind the petals of a rose.

Come to think of it, she even smells like a rose. Brash’s nose twitched ever so slightly; the scent of roses always made him want to sneeze.

“Hello, ma’am. I’m Chief of Police Brash deCordova.” He tipped the brim of his hat as he introduced himself. “Mind if I come in?”

The smirk melted into a brilliant smile. The woman stood back from the door and opened it wide, welcoming him inside.

Brash swept the room with his dark gaze, taking in the scene. His brown eyes darted around the room, pinging from one area to the next.

Fourteen-by-sixteen room, typical of the era. Large picture window on front wall, offering maximum visiting for nosy neighbors. No curtains yet. Traditional placement of furniture, all stylishly neutral; could be straight from any discount warehouse showroom floor. No signs of struggle or disturbance. Surprisingly neat and orderly for move-in day.

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