Royally Broken by Elle Boon

Royally Broken

Royally Broken by Elle Boon (Royal Bastards MC: Royal Sons CA #1)
English | 2020 | Romance | ePUB | 2.7 MB

She was the good girl who desired the bad boy. He left the small town that tried to kill him to become someone better. Life don’t always turn out the way you’d planned but these two will need more than grit to survive when fate brings them back together.

Palmer had it all except what she truly desired…she came from money, but she learned early money didn’t buy you, love or class. What it did was buy you silence and fear.

Keys left the sleepy little town he’d grown up a boy…they say you can never go back home once you leave. For Keys, he never planned to step one foot back into the town he’d grown up in, a place he’d had any sense of love beat out of him.

It only takes one message to change the course of two lives…when you find out your entire life was a lie; you have a couple of choices. Head into the lions’ den and face your past like a man, or let sleeping dogs lie. Keys was never one to run from his past, at least not once he got big enough, bad enough, and smart enough to make a stand. Palmer didn’t realize she’d stir up a hornet’s nest of epic proportions when she located the only man who’d ever made her feel safe. Now both their lives were in danger, yet she couldn’t deny she still felt more than she had in years. If only they could live long enough to see if fate would allow them a chance this time around.

“Thanks.” Keys took a long swig. “Why would they do that, the city I mean?”

Burt guzzled half his beer, sitting down heavily in his chair. “Damned if I know. Those two are like little lambs with more bark than bite.”

He wasn’t so sure about that, but he wasn’t going to argue with Burt. They finished their beers, then Keys stood. “Thanks for the beer and for letting me keep my shit here.” He shifted toward the door.

“Where you heading?” Burt asked from his spot, wiping sweat from the bottle.

Keys cocked his head to the side. “What do you mean?”

Burt pointed the bottle toward him, moving it up and down. “Anytime you’ve ever come here, you looked different. You’re still wearing similar clothes, but you never said you were taking your shit, which leads me to think you’re heading somewhere.” He drank the rest of his bottle. “Don’t got many folks I consider friends, but you, you I do.”

Huh, Keys hadn’t thought Burt would put him in that category. “I don’t know yet. Guess I’ll decide when I get there.” He’d rebuilt a Harley; the old bike was probably worth a pretty penny, but it was his pride.

“Well, if you don’t have anywhere in particular you gotta be, I got that extra place in the back. It’s not much, but it’s clean like this place. I don’t abide by no drugs. Women, you can have them if you want so long as they don’t mind my dogs. That is if you want to stick around until you figure out where you want to go.” Burt got up, dug inside a canister on top his fridge. He turned with a set of keys.

“Thanks, man. I don’t know what my plans are.” He wasn’t going to lie to him.

He nodded. “Figured as much. You helped me when I needed it. I repay my debts.”

“If someone comes looking for me, I don’t expect you to get in between me and them,” Keys warned him.

“Do I look fucking stupid, boy?” Burt puffed out his chest.

A laugh escaped Keys at the thin man as he tried to appear big. “Nah, you’re obviously smart as a whip inviting a dumbass into his home.”

“Tom and Lucy like you. That means you can’t be too bad. Now go on, get out of my house. I got to get to bed. Need my beauty sleep, don’t you know.”

Keys shook his head, taking his empty bottle with him. “Tom and Lucy are horrible judges of character, old man. I plied them with treats the first time I came here.”

“Nah, treats are raw steak. That shit you gave them they barfed up.” Burt waved him away, ambling into the back of the trailer. “Lock up on your way out. Lucy, Tom, come,” he yelled.

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