Royals of Villain Academy 2 by Eva Chase

Royals of Villain Academy

Royals of Villain Academy 2 by Eva Chase : Vile Sorcery
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 674 Kb

Royals of Villain Academy : In a month, I’ve gone from magicless to one of the most powerful dark mages in the world. You’d think that would make my life easier.
But all that power is only potential until I learn how to wield it, and my enemies have a huge head start. While I’m picking up every skill I can, adversaries both within Villain Academy and beyond it are working to knock me down.
My fellow scions? I can count at least a couple of them among those enemies. The others… Let’s just say the lines between light and dark have gotten a lot more blurred.
Nothing’s safe here—not my mind, my heart, my magic, or the few people who’re proving themselves my allies. When the danger turns deadly, will I be able to save all of them and myself?
Rory’s battle to survive Villain Academy has only just begun. Vicious treachery, unexpected allies, thrilling passion, and wrenching heartbreak await in Vile Sorcery…

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“Yeah. It’s still making that weird sound when the breeze is moving in the right direction. It’s pretty faint—maybe they think I’m making it up. But I swear it sounds just like the one that collapsed on my street way back when, and I’m not feverish anymore, so…” She grimaced.

The fearmancer staff just assumed they knew better than any Nary. I doubted they’d even checked it out. When I’d told my assigned mentor, Professor Banefield, about Shelby’s complaint, he’d brushed the sound off as a prank one of the magical students must have been playing on her.

I’d just have to raise the issue again. I couldn’t imagine anyone getting enough fear out of some faint weird tree sound for it to be worth keeping up the illusion for days on end.

“I have to talk to the staff about something today anyway,” I said, which was only sort of a lie. Banefield was staff, if not maintenance staff. “Maybe if they hear about it from more than one person, they’ll take the problem more seriously.”

“Thanks. I’d really just like them to take a look. People could get hurt. Anyway… I was wondering… Do you want to go grab drinks in town again sometime? I’m busy with rehearsals for the end-of-year concert the next couple evenings, but maybe after that?”

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