Ruby’s Pride by Romy Lockhart


Ruby’s Pride by Romy Lockhart (Wonderland After Dark Book 1)
English | 2019 | Romance | ePUB | 334 Kb

Ruby’s : There’s no place like Oz…
You only turn thirty once, and Ruby Diaz gets a once-in-a-lifetime birthday present when her friends drag her to a secret club opening. Wonderland After Dark is off the beaten path, and serves cocktails that whisk those who drink them away to magical realms.
Four hotter-than-hell lion shifters greet Ruby when she arrives in Oz, a place so familiar it almost feels like home. Discovering she has the abilities of a witch comes second only to finding out she’s mated to the lions. Getting back to reality will hit hard, but does she really ever have to leave?

“Damn, you’re so hot,” he whispers, one hand moving to stroke over my ass. He groans and my moment comes. Finally.

“Oh, Brian,” I moan. “Screw me on your desk one last time.”

He blinks. I grin. Becky has arrived and her deflated gasp behind him is just as satisfying as I’d hoped it’d be. Take my job, asshole? I’m taking your girl.

He moves quickly, but it’s too late. He’s already lost. Oh, Becky. She’s very pretty, definitely too good for this sweaty, opportunist fuckwit. She shakes her head, her blonde hair bouncing, and runs off with a choked sob as her only response. He… doesn’t go after her. I raise an eyebrow as he turns back to me. He opens his mouth and I know by the way he grasps my hips that he’s still caught on the revelation that I’m into him. I laugh, and shove my panties into his mouth. He frowns.

“Why the hell would Clipper give an idiot like you my promotion?” I shove him out of my way.

I’m done here. It’s time to hand in my resignation. Let them try to run this fucking place without me. I don’t give a shit anymore. Eight goddamned years down the drain. I refuse to waste a single minute more of my time in this chauvinistic hellhole.”

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