Rules of Justice by Sarah Noffke,Michael Anderle

Rules of Justice

Rules of Justice by Sarah Noffke,Michael Anderle (The Exceptional S. Beaufont Book 8)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 3.2 MB

Sarah Noffke, an Amazon Best Seller, writes YA and NA science fiction, fantasy, paranormal and urban fantasy. In addition to being an author, she is a mother, podcaster and professor.

Evil is in the eye of the beholder.
Nothing in this world is black and white.
S. Beaufont is about to learn firsthand that good doesn’t exist without evil. Crushing evil only makes it expand.
That’s why the Dragon Elite are trying to protect the demon dragons.
But fighting the politics surrounding them isn’t easy.
And when mortals fear that evil dragons will take over the world they become an irrational force.
Sophia has to do what she does best and employ strategy to overcome perceptions.
And if that doesn’t work then she’s going to kick some serious butt to protect her dragons.
Can she save the dragon population and therefore protect the world before it’s too late?

Sophia sighed, feeling the sadness that had been building lately at the thought of Ainsley leaving the Gullington for good. “It’s not ready yet. It should be soonish.”

Evan leaned back, folding his hands behind his head and propping his boots up on the dining room table with a dreamy expression. “Then, I can finally live my life without restriction.”

Ainsley strode through from the kitchen, carrying a large tray of roasted chicken and vegetables. She narrowed her eyes at Evan and used magic to cause the back legs of the chair to slip out, making him topple over backward.

Wilder howled with laughter as the shapeshifter laid the food onto the table. With a curt nod, Ainsley glanced at Trin. “Evan is not to put his feet on the table under any circumstances.” She pointed at NO10JO, the cyborg dog stationed on the other side of the threshold. He was busy giving them looks of longing from the entryway. “That mutt isn’t to enter my dining room…I mean, well, the Castle’s dining room. Those are the rules, and they will be followed even when I’m gone. Is that understood?”

Sophia was impressed at the authority Ainsley displayed. It had shown up with her memories and made the eccentric housekeeper seem like so much more than she already was.

“Yes, I understand,” Trin answered, seeming eager to please even if she’d been thrown into something she hadn’t quite bargained for. When Sophia recruited her to be the housekeeper, to replace Ainsley when she left, she hadn’t really elaborated on what that would mean or described how strange the job would be.

Evan seethed with anger as he pulled himself up from the floor and righted the chair. “That was a nasty little stunt. When did you start retaliating?”

Ainsley shot him her own rude stare. “Since I realized that you’re just a lowly jerk who has no right to disobey my authority.” She swung around and strode back in the direction of the kitchen.

Evan folded his arms and scowled. “Can you believe the nerve of that one?”

“She’s a five-hundred-year-old shapeshifter who holds one of the highest positions in the Elfin Council,” Sophia argued. “What I can’t believe is she hasn’t done worse to you.”

“I liked her better when she was a housekeeper without any hobbies,” Evan complained.

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