Run Into You by Ava Greene

Run Into You

Run Into You by Ava Greene (Harbor Series Book 1)
English |2021 |Romance| ePUB | 2.7 MB

If you don’t want to be burned, don’t fall for a firefighter…
Fire Captain Leopold David is an adrenaline junkie. Whether or not he is on the clock at Harbor Fire Department, he is addicted to the rush danger supplies him. He is thirsty for more and his instinct is to put himself under fire, literally!
Emergency surgeon Dr. Riley Parker successfully escaped her traumatic past. New to the small-town of Harbor, she’ll adapt. Take a breather. Make new friends. But she can’t resist the flirtatious charms of the sexy firefighter she rescued.
All is fun and good-time until the mysterious doctor “meets” the sexy firefighter. Turns out, they’re next door neighbors!
One thing is for sure: this is going to be a flaming romance!

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