Run No More by Michael Robertson Jr

Run No More

Run No More by Michael Robertson Jr (Shiffy P.I. Book 1)
English | 2021|Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 7 MB

A horrific past. An idyllic town offering a fresh start. A gruesome murder that threatens everything.
Alexa Shifflett has been running for too long. Haunted by the events of her childhood, she’s spent the last twenty years on the move, surviving and fighting and never letting anybody take advantage of her again. But she’s ready for a change, ready to finally settle down.
Silent Falls seems like the perfect place to start. A quiet town near the Blue Ridge mountains, something about the place seems to call to her. But when a local man is found brutally murdered the morning after Alexa arrives and a young sheriff’s deputy suspects her of the crime, things quickly fall into chaos. Suddenly, Alexa finds herself locked into a cat and mouse game with both the police and the true killer, and as more questions arise, she’s never quite sure who to trust. Especially Ezra, the polite innkeeper who’s been nothing but helpful but Alexa suspects is also hiding a dark secret of his own, a past that he’s trying to keep buried.
It takes one to know one.

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