Running Out of Luck by Cynthia Raye

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Running Out of Luck by Cynthia Raye
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB, .PDF| 2 MB

Investigative journalist Katie Cox-Bertrand is seeking a new start in life after a divorce that wasn’t part of the plan. As a 38-year-old mother of two daughters with a long gap in her resume, the only job she can find is in Lush Butte, Oregon. Her home town is full of forested hills and plenty of charm, along with an undercurrent of secrets and mistrust. Dreaming of building a new life for her family, Katie is determined not to allow going back home to become a setback. However, things take an unexpected turn during a welcome home party, when she receives a horrible call from her new boss at the Observer. The shocking news is that a local man has been found dead of a suspected overdose…
Katie is forced to hit the ground running as she investigates the death of promising track athlete, Sawyer Banks. While trying to shed light on the curious circumstances surrounding this sudden death, she immediately clashes with Clay Highsmith, the local sportswriter. He’s completely unsettled by her presence and believes she’s stepping on his toes with her questions. In spite of this, when their boss intervenes, they are forced to set their differences aside and work together to uncover the truth they both are after. As the search for answers continues, it becomes increasingly apparent that not everything is as it seems. Much to Katie’s dismay, the ever-growing suspect list ultimately hits dangerously close to home when her own brother is accused…
As Katie frantically races to discover the truth and clear her brother’s name, she feels utterly torn between her family’s expectations and her own thirst for justice. With clues leading to dead ends and her brother being unfairly arrested, she’s more desperate than ever to catch the real killer. With so much on the line, will Katie manage to solve the mystery and free her brother from this nightmare? Or will an innocent man pay the price for someone else’s horrible crime?

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