Safeguard by Katrina Cope


Safeguard by Katrina Cope (Thor’s Dragon Rider 1)
English | 2020| Fantasy | ePUB | 2.9 MB

Her best friend is on death’s door, and respite lures a dangerous predicament.
Life after the Valkyrie Academy is interesting, to say the least. Kara’s new role as Thor’s dragon rider lacks the battles she expected, yet keeping up with the loveable brute is entertaining in ways she least imagined. The urge for purpose is satisfied when Loki’s estranged children learn of his duress and work to shatter Asgard’s peace.
Monsters wreak havoc from several realms. The only chance of defeating them lies in a concocted effort between dragons, gods, and Valkyries. Kara’s participation veers as she races to find a means to save a friend.

attle Maiden! Get me another mead!”

I glare at the bushy-haired redhead raising his pewter cup. Remnants from his last mead dribble down his wild auburn beard.

He smiles, showing off his straight teeth. “Please,” he says smartly, as though it were an afterthought. His smile broadens. The warrior’s muscles along his thick arm ripple as he pushes the cup forward, holding it high. 

With my hands by my side, I flick each finger, one by one, and shake my head in disbelief. Sometimes it takes all of my effort not to clop the god of thunder over the head. If he weren’t so lovable, by gods and myself alike, I probably would have pressured Odin for a different position. Scattered food and empty plates cover the table, proving hard to avoid as I lean over the mess to grab the tankard out of his hand. I prop a hand on my hip while still leaning over his mess. “Thor, you know I don’t like being called that.”

He smacks me on the arm as a friendly gesture, and my thin form lurches to the side from the force. “I know that. I was just making sure you didn’t miss my father. I’m sure you miss Odin bossing you around and not calling you by your name.” He winks.

A strand of my long dark hair falls over my face, and I hook it behind my ear. “Ah, actually. I don’t miss him and the way he used to rule the Valkyries, but you know, even he calls me by my name now.”

Thor grabs my cheek and shakes it. “Ah, Kara. I know the name to your pretty little face. I’m just messing with you. Now, be a dear and get me that mead.”

With a numb cheek from Thor’s grasp, I walk through the ruckus of the hall. Merriment surrounds me as warriors dine and celebrate. Serious battles have been rare lately. They’ve had ample time to fill between practices, and celebrate they do. The Valhalla warriors pack these hours with gaiety and celebration that impress the gods immensely, several of whom have joined them.

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