Safekeeping by Eva Mackenzie


Safekeeping: Cedar Lake Series by Eva Mackenzie
English | 2021 |Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 7 MB

No one ever thinks they’ll get caught…

Moments before police arrive on the scene of a car accident in rural Montana, Sonia has time to make one phone call. With one word whispered, she sets off an unstoppable chain of events. Once police arrive, she confesses to the brutal murder of her stepsister, Emma.

Afterwards, she’s sentenced to life in prison where she learns the true extent of her stepfather’s ruthless reach. It’s a game of cat and mouse–a game she has already lost. She only needs to last long enough to keep her secret safe.

Until one day, news of an unidentified man’s death confirms her worst fear, and Sonia must get out of prison, at all cost. What did the dead man say, and who heard him say it?

Because everyone is guilty of something…

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