Salvation Hall by Mariah Kingdom

Salvation Hall

Salvation Hall (The Lancefield Mysteries #1) by Mariah Kingdom
English | 2018 | Mystery/Thriller Cozy|ePUB| 6.9 MB

There have been Lancefields at Salvation Hall since wealthy sugar planter Thomas Moses Lancefield acquired the Cornish manor house in 1738. But now the Lancefield family are a dying breed – in every sense of the word.

Invited to Penzance to curate the reclusive family’s dubious heritage, genealogist Kathryn Clifton thinks she has stumbled upon the opportunity of a lifetime. The Lancefields have been secretive about the origins of their wealth for generations. What Kathryn hopes for is exclusive access to the family’s private papers. What she gets is a ringside seat for murder.

Detective Chief Inspector Ennor Price doesn’t know much about history. Called in to Salvation Hall to find a killer, he finds all the evidence – and the Lancefield family – pointing towards an obvious suspect. But Price has never been one to settle for low-hanging fruit, and he can’t help thinking that the answer to the crime lies in the sins of the family’s past.

As Kathryn finds herself drawn deeper into the lure of Salvation Hall, it becomes clear that the Lancefield family tree is hiding more than its fair share of secrets and lies. And it isn’t long before Ennor Price turns to her for help …

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