Satisfying Mocktail Ideas for Your Parties by Keanu Wood

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Satisfying Mocktail Ideas for Your Parties: Move Over Cocktails, it is a Mocktail Funfair! by Keanu Wood
English |2021|Food & Drink| ePUB | 9 MB

Attending a party and being the only person dancing with a glass of water can be very embarrassing, to say the least! For some people who are into healthy living like us, you can totally relate, right?
Of course, you can, because you go through it every time!

What is the worst is when you are the host of your party, and you can’t enjoy the party just as everyone is doing, simply because you can’t take alcoholic cocktails that are being served!

Well, if you are in this group, no need to get upset over what is not. There is a way out for you to drink something else asides from water and alcohol, mocktails to the rescue!

Join us in this cookbook as we put you through how you can make mocktails drinks for any party you find yourself in!

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