Savage Hearts by Berri Fox

 Savage Hearts

Savage Hearts: A Lesbian Second Chance Romance Kindle Edition by Berri Fox
English | 2021 |RomanceFF| ePUB | 7 MB

Berri Fox writes lesbian romances that are set in or around the Cozy Nook, a book store where women can relax and chill with other women, though all of Berri’s stories can be read as standalones. The stories are sweet but still bring the heat. Berri lives with her wife in San Diego, and their cat, Sugar.

It was their love that drove them apart.

What Maxine and Harper had was a timeless, transcendental love.
Forged when they were still in school, it followed them to college.
It fueled their dreams and desires.
And it gave each woman strength to pursue their passions.

But then came a time, when the love became an obstacle.

The final decision became to follow their dreams or their hearts.
They chose to follow their dreams.

And they’ve regretted it ever since.

Until a chance encounter brings them back together and gives them a second chance.
All the old feelings are there.
The want is still alive.
And before they know it, Harper and Maxine are hurtling back to happily ever after.

But not everyone is thrilled.
It’s been too many years and there are people who have an interest in keeping them apart.
They’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that this couple doesn’t get a second chance.
Was their love strong enough at first to survive this?

Or will this be a second chance they’ll miss just like the first?

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