Savage Truth by Jack Hardin, Jason Briggs

Savage Truth

Savage Truth by Jack Hardin, Jason Briggs (Ryan Savage Thriller #5)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 2.7 MB

When former military policeman Ryan Savage returns home after a quiet evening on the water he’s met with an unexpected guest and a sudden hail of gunfire. An investigation into the events quickly leads him on a high-stakes chase through south Florida and doesn’t let up until he reaches the sprawling Pitons of Saint Lucia. As the truth grows more elusive an unexpected clue delivers more light and leads Ryan to team up with one of Homeland Security’s most respected agents: Ellie O’Conner. Together, they find themselves in a race to unravel a twisted trail of lies, pursuing it until they find the truth and set a father and his son free.

“I think I overpaid,” I yelled back. “Is this how you treat all your first class passengers?”

“The pilot is concerned that we’re a little over our max recommended cargo weight.”

I looked down the short cargo hold. At the back were three cardboard boxes lying beside each other. They were each the same size—nearly three feet square. That was it. Other than me, there was nothing else back here.

I felt a cold sweat spread across my chest.

The aircraft leveled off and the drone of the engines quieted as the pilot bled off some speed.

“He’s informed me that relieving the aircraft of some unneeded weight is probably wisest if we’re going to follow the safety guidelines,” he said. Joel Fagan adjusted the eyepatch resting over his left eye and stepped in front of me. He leaned down, hooked his hands under my arms, and hauled me to my feet. “Stay there.”

Fagan moved to the cargo door.

“You’re joking, right?” But I knew he wasn’t. “You kill me and they’ll descend on you like locusts.”

“I’m moving on, my friend. New opportunities await. New opportunities in new countries that will require new aliases. Let them send every damned Fed and Marine after me. They won’t find me.” Keeping a watchful eye on me, he grasped onto a metal handgrip with one hand, then reached out with his other, unlatched the door, and threw it open.

Wind rushed furiously into the empty fuselage, screaming across through the empty space like a disrupted spirit, whipping our hair and clothes, and nearly splitting my eardrums.

Fagan stumbled behind me and tried shoving me toward the doorway. I planted my feet and lowered my center of gravity as I did what little I could to withstand him. Fagan slapped a hand between my shoulder blades, grabbed my bound wrists, and lifted them in a single swift motion.

Pain radiated through my shoulders, and I bent over in an involuntary effort to relieve it. Fagan shoved me forward, frog-marching me up to the threshold. I looked down on the dark blue carpet of the earth below, nothing but shimmering blue water as far as the eye could see.

Adrenaline flooded my system as I stood, literally, at death’s door.

So this is how it all ends.

Fagan leaned in and set his mouth near my ear so I could hear him. “It’s been fun, Savage. But as I recently told my girlfriend, sometimes the fun has to end! Enjoy the ride!”

I felt his hands leave my shoulders, and just as I fell forward into the void, his boot punched into my backside and sent me hurtling outward.

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