Save the Sanctuary by Samuel P. Fortsch

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Save the Sanctuary by Samuel P. Fortsch (Pawtriot Dogs Series, Book 1)
English | 2020 | Children/Young Adult| ePUB |6.4 MB

Join former U.S. Army rescue dog Sgt. “Rico” Ricochet and his fellow Pawtriots as they embark on heroic missions in this all-American illustrated chapter book series!

Former Army rescue dog Sgt. Rico, a bomb-sniffing Malinois, is on his first mission in Washington, D.C., to save The Sanctuary animal shelter from the evil Mr. Mocoso…But does Rico have what it takes to lead the Pawtriots to victory and save his fellow canines?

For young readers wanting action-packed adventure with a patriotic message, the Pawtriots are the perfect team!

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