Saving Eli by Amber Thielman

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Saving Eli by Amber Thielman (Heroes With Badges Book 1)
English | 2020| Romance| ePUB | 1.3 MB

Bringing a criminal mastermind to justice was my intention. Falling in love with a cop was most certainly not.
Kasper Hill is a wife beater. A corrupt cop. A relentless, cruel man.
He might think he’s above the law, but I beg to differ. As a social worker, I don’t carry a gun. I don’t have mobster connections. But I have something he’ll never have—integrity and true courage.
When Kasper Hill’s wife ends up in the hospital, claiming she fell down the stairs, I swear to do whatever it takes to protect her and her young daughter from the monster in their house.
Knowing that Hill is two steps ahead of me, I search for a cop who is both ethical and fearless.
That’s when I meet Eli. Handsome, honest, and charming, he’s still recovering from his wife and son being killed in a home invasion, yet he’s willing to help me despite the detriment to his own career.
My gratefulness turns soon to more. It’s impossible to resist Eli. I want him. I need him. With him by my side, I feel like I can do anything.
Together, we dig up evidence on Hill. He’ll pay for what he did to his wife, and his young daughter will never again quiver in fear.
By making our move against dirty Hill, Eli and I are risking everything. If we fail to put Hill behind bars, he’ll crush us. But giving up is not an option. Eli and I will fight for justice until the very bitter end.

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