Savor the Wicked by Cameron Lowe

Savor the Wicked

Savor the Wicked (The Seven Heroes #1) by Cameron Lowe
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 3.1 MB

Peter Balan hasn’t had it easy as of late. Rule number one of living in Rankin Flats is you don’t get involved – ever. Peter knows the rule, and he breaks it when he witnesses a man get shot and tries to save him. That man is Quincy Newman, owner of the Seven Heroes, the strangest bar in a city teeming with weirdness.

The Seven Heroes caters to a certain kind of clientele. The kind that, say, has fangs or fur – lots and lots of fur. A centuries-old goblin grandmother rents out a room above the bar. One of the bartenders will transform into a seal if water’s tossed on him. And a regular might have just made friends with a succubus looking for one last great big buffet before she kicks the can.

So yes – the Seven Heroes is just the tiniest bit odd, and most its customers would have it no other way.

Much like the rest of the world, Peter was oblivious to the things that creep, growl, groan, and stumble around underneath the surface of his city, but with Quincy’s rescue comes a bizarre gift from the bar’s owner. An ancient magic bonds the two men and gives him extraordinary powers – and some massive headaches too. Emotions, pain, even their desires are shared between the two, for better and for far worse in Peter’s opinion.

Flat broke and with his personal life disintegrating before his eyes, Peter comes to Quincy for a favor – he needs a job. And Quincy happens to need a bartender – but even when Peter begins to see the world for the truly bizarre place that it is, Quincy still hasn’t played all his cards yet, and there may be some far darker purpose to him hiring the sullen, punch-happy new bartender.

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