Scarlett Bell FBI series Box Set (1-5) by Dan Padavona

Scarlett Bell FBI

Scarlett Bell FBI series Box Set by Dan Padavona (#1-5)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 642 Kb

Scarlett Bell FBI : The first five thrillers in the hot-selling Scarlett Bell serial killer series. The page-turning FBI serial killer thrillers that will leave fans of Karin Slaughter, Lisa Regan, Matthew Farrell, and Thomas Harris breathless. From the bestselling author of Storberry.

1. Mind of a Killer
Dare to enter a killer’s mind. A teenage girl is brutally murdered in an idyllic lake community. In over his head, the local sheriff calls upon the Behavior Analysis Unit’s best profiler, Scarlett Bell, to find the murderer. Is a serial killer stalking Coral Lake? Now Scarlett faces a killer unlike any she’s encountered. Bloodthirsty. Cunning. Insane.

Another girl goes missing, and the special agent must stop the killer before time runs out. But the killer is a ghost, a phantom hiding in plain sight, and Scarlett must untangle a confusing web of evidence if she hopes to track him down. If she fails, the girl dies. The body count will grow. Scarlett should beware. The killer is coming for her now.

2. Blood Storm
A serial killer stalks a resort island. He hides in darkness. Stalks the lost and vulnerable. And now a monster hurricane is barreling toward the beach.

FBI profiler Scarlett Bell faces her deadliest case. She must stop a bloodthirsty killer before the hurricane destroys the island. The evidence trail is cloaked in darkness, and Scarlett must track the killer through the worst storm to hit the coast in decades. But Scarlett needn’t hunt the murderer. He’s right behind her.

3. Kill Shot
One killer. Three dead. Now you’re in the cross-hairs. A college shooting sends the campus into a panic. A sniper hunts a small town. Now Special Agent Scarlett Bell must find the shooter before more innocent lives are lost.

Is the sniper a member of a fringe white supremacist group? Scarlett gets off on the wrong foot with a local detective when she questions who the killer is. Scarlett’s boss doesn’t trust her methodologies, the detective undermines the investigation, and Scarlett’s partner wants her out of harm’s way. Good thing Scarlett never plays by the rules. But Scarlett must watch her back. The nation’s most feared serial killer is stalking Scarlett, and he knows secrets about her past which link him to a gruesome murder from Scarlett’s childhood. Two killers. Can Scarlett stop them?

4. The Bone Whisperer
A vicious serial killer. A rebel FBI agent. Only one of them gets out alive.

A murderer the tabloids call The Skinner stalks Great Plains farmland, a twisted killer the authorities can’t capture. The bones of the victims are buried behind his house in a shallow mass grave. He won’t stop killing until he’s caught.

When Agent Scarlett Bell arrives in Kansas to hunt fugitive Logan Wolf, she stumbles upon The Skinner. Why is Logan Wolf stalking the same village as The Skinner? Are the serial killers working together? Now Scarlett Bell must catch Logan Wolf before the killers strike again. But Scarlett needs eyes in the back of her head. Danger lurks in every shadow.

5. Dead Ringers
A predatory killer is murdering women…who look like Scarlett Bell. Is she next on his list?

The FBI sends BAU profiler Scarlett Bell to investigate a series of shocking murders in a tropical Florida paradise. But the local detective is a former BAU agent who doesn’t like Scarlett Bell and wants her off the case. The good thing is that Scarlett doesn’t play by the rules. But is the serial killer stalking Scarlett Bell?

Now Scarlett must track a vicious murderer before he strikes again. Another woman goes missing, and it’s up to Scarlett Bell and her partner to identify the murderer before he claims another victim. But a shadow follows her. Always just out of sight. Cunning. Watch your back, Scarlett.

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