Scars on the Face of God by Chris Bauer

Scars on the Face of God

Scars on the Face of God by Chris Bauer
English | 2019 |Fantasy| ePUB |437 Kb

Scars on the Face of God: Sometimes, prayers land on the Devil’s ears.
The year is 1964. A construction project in the town of Three Bridges, Pennsylvania unearths an ancient sewer. Inside is a mystery dating to the 19th century: the hidden skeletons of countless infants.
As the secrets of Three Bridges begin to surface, an ancient codex is discovered in the attic of a local orphanage. A bible containing writings in Lucifer’s own hand.
The parish priest and a church handyman set out to discover the truth. But a series of strange visions and horrifying tragedies begin, and the darkest secret of all becomes clear:
The town of Three Bridges is marked, and the Devil is coming out to play.

“On the hotel’s back porch a rocking chair squeaked over a loose floorboard, then stopped its slow back-and-forth. The person sitting in it struck a match, his smooth dark face lighting up behind the flame as he pulled hard at his pipe, the match held fast to the bowl end. Fat Cookie worked in the hotel’s kitchen.

“Thanks, boys,” Cookie said through little puffs of smoke. “The coins is where they always is.” He snapped shut his pocket watch, then went back to his rocking. “Better hustle yourselves up. Forty minutes till your oatmeal.”

I sneaked up on a lawn angel that was really a stone birdbath and quick snatched the pennies out of her hand. I waved Heinie into the underbrush; we left the hotel property through a separation in the trees.

We doubled back across Schuetten Pass Road and came up on the church rectory’s lawn. Monsignor owned two well-fed bullmastiffs, and with all the crapping they did, the town strays took to dumping here, too. His dog stuff stayed right where it was, all except for a few chunks I flicked into the open window of his horse carriage. I never much liked the monsignor.”

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