Scratch and Win Shifters by Kate Kent

Scratch and Win Shifters

Scratch and Win Shifters: Complete Edition by Kate Kent (#1-5)
English | 2020| Romance, Paranormal | ePUB | 1.2 MB

Are you ready to win a shifter in the ‘Lovebites Lottery’? Imagine buying a lottery ticket and winning a hot and hunky shifter or two!
The ‘Lovebites Lottery’ series turns up the heat with lucky ladies who score powerful shifters looking for their forever mate. This Complete Edition includes all five stories and covers in this fun and sexy ‘winning series’!


Who else wants to win a smoking hot shifter in the ‘Lovebites Lottery’?
BBW Libby Polan scratches to win a sexy, hunky surprise in the Sunshine State’s ‘Lovebites Lottery’! Curvy girl Libby is barely making ends meet when she buys a scratch-off ticket at Foodies Market. Visions of winning cash, trips and cars float thru her pretty head. But when she discovers the prize is a sexy, beefcake shifter she’s in shock. Handsome bear shifter Justin King is ready for his forever mate and enters into the lottery pool. To his delight he’s matched with Libby. But she seems to prefer money to love. Will Libby and Justin make a match?

AMY Christmas Love
Who wants their stocking stuffed by a sexy Santa shifter?
Curvy girl Amy Bowen is totally NOT in the holiday spirit! Her boss is a total jerk and Christmas is overrated. Things go from bad to worse when she accidently collides with a Christmas tree and destroys several hundred dollars’ worth of ornaments and baked goods. Insanely hot, wolf shifter Josh Sterling is volunteering as Santa Claus to spread joy and cheer. When he’s matched to Amy in the ‘Lovebites Lottery’ he wants her to feel the holiday magic too. Will Amy lose her ‘bah humbug’ attitude or will Josh be stuck with someone who deserves a lump of coal instead of a delicious yule log?

CAT Valentine Love
1 Curvy BBW Looking for Love + 2 Hunky Cowboys = A Rootin’ Tootin’ Sexy Time!
Pretty Cat Michaels would love to find a sweet honey to share her life with. When she wins the ‘Lovebites Lottery’ she’s thrilled but stunned to discover she’s won not one but two smokin’ hot tiger shifters. Can she downsize her prize? Cowboy tiger shifters Beau Bishop and Buck Raeburn have been looking for that special someone to complete them. Does Cat give the sexy duo a chance to become a triad or are they put out to pasture?

1 Hot Teacher Looking for a Curvy Woman for After School Loving!
Mariam Logan is a helicopter mom who thinks that it’s long past time for her daughter Heather to find love again. But after tragedy took the life of her fiancé, Heather’s just not interested in finding love now or maybe ever. But mom knows best and she thinks she has just the ticket that will help Heather find love and find it fast! Hunky lion shifter Troy Alston is a grade school teacher who is ready to settle down with his forever mate. When he meets curvy cutie Heather, he’s sure she’s the answer. Does Heather become hot for teacher or does she erase his desires?

2 Ripe and Ready Shifters + 1 Curvy Cutie = A Steamy Winning Ticket!
Gwen Timmons has to admit that she’s a little jelly. Two of her former roomies won the ‘Lovebites Lottery’. She wants to win the lottery herself and find her forever man too. But despite digging deep into her budget to buy scratch-offs, she hasn’t come up with a winner. Sensual salsa dancer Richie and his muscular cousin Raymond are more than ready for love. But the pair has had zero success meeting that special someone. Fed up with their lack of success Richie decides to take a chance and enter the ‘Lovebites Lottery’. Gwen played to win a hot and hunky shifter but does she?

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