Sea of Red by Ryan Racz

Sea of Red

Sea of Red by Ryan Racz (The Collapse of America Series Book 3)
English | 2020| Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 2.9 MB

Her father is a murderer, and he’s running for president.

Jill Prescott is a student at the University of California in Los Angeles. Her friends are radical left wing activists, hooked on drugs and violence.

Jill’s father, Congressman Allen Prescott, cares more about his presidential campaign than his own family. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to get into the White House, even if that means hiring an assassin to murder his political opponents.

America is collapsing. Riots and looting are a nightly occurrence in major cities. A revolution is brewing in Texas. Corrupt politicians are doing whatever it takes to seize power. The country is a powder keg and the match has been lit.

Jill must decide which direction to go in life. To be a free thinker and carve her own path, or stay with her toxic friends in LA, obey her father and help with his campaign.

Dustin tilted his head up from his phone. “Oh! I have just the thing sis!” He rummaged through his man bag for a moment, smiled, then raised his right hand and dangled a tiny white bag in the air. “Party supplies! Who wants a taste? I was planning on saving it for tonight but fuck it, let’s get started a little early.”

Dustin cleared a space on the table next to where Tanya was grazing on her burrito. He carefully dumped a small lump of pure white cocaine out of the bag and all three of them watched it tumble onto the glass. He pulled a credit card out of his wallet and used the flat side to squish the rock into powder. It was snow white with glimmers of silver flakes in it like scales on a fish.

“This is that bomb yayo from Hugo. Fuckin premo shit,” he bragged.

Using the edge of the credit card, he carved the small pile of powder into four lines. He rolled a crisp hundred dollar bill up and leaned down over the table. Jill lit a cigarette and watched him snort the first line, the white powder disappearing up his left nostril. Tanya looked up from her iPad, took another bite, then went back to scrolling. She found some music on Spotify, an EDM mix, and the music started blaring through the tiny speakers on the tablet. Heavy drums beating, then a rhythmic bass line, followed by some synthesizers blaring an obnoxious melody.

“That’s what I’m talking about girl!” Jill shouted, bobbing her head to the music.

Dustin handed her the rolled up bill. She passed him the cigarette. He was blinking and wiggling his lips, his face already going numb from the coke. Jill leaned over the table and snorted a line. She tilted her half-shaved head back and sniffled hard several times, wiping at her nose.

“Whew!” Dustin shouted, pumping his fist to the beat.

He grabbed Jill’s hips and began bouncing around to the music. Jill’s eyes got wide as the coke rush surged through her body, her heart slamming in her chest and her smile stretching from ear to ear. She danced. Dustin was gyrating his hips and running his hands up and down his body, rubbing his nipples and crotch like some homoerotic coke freak and the girl’s watched on and laughed, Tanya almost choking on a mouthful of rice and beans.

“I just wanna fuckin dance!” Dustin shouted. “Tonight we are so hitting up Galaxy Club. I just want to sweat. I want to see the sun come up!”

Tanya managed to gulp down her bite of food and she was now reaching a long black fingernail into the coke. She took a little bump from her nail then did the same in her other nostril.

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  1. Hi. Just a heads-up to inform you that Ryan doesn’t like, uhm, “foreigners”.
    This from his Twitter account : @762x39mmFMJ on August 7 :

    “The West must stop importing these third world vermin into our countries or we are doomed.”

    Odd that he’d be living in Vietnam?!?

    (his previous Twitter account @RaczRyan) was permanently suspended for hate speech).


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