Sea of Spies by Alex Gerlis

 Sea of Spies

Sea of Spies by Alex Gerlis (Richard Prince Thrillers)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 3.5 MB

Alex Gerlis is the author of the acclaimed Spies series of four Second World War espionage thrillers which are noted for their detailed research and intricate plots and feature two great adversaries – the British spymaster Edgar and his Soviet counterpart Viktor. The television/film rights for The Best of Our Spies have been bought by a major production company. He is also the author of series starring detective turned spy Richard Prince with Prince of Spies and now Sea of Spies.

Born in Lincolnshire, Alex was a BBC journalist for nearly 30 years. He lives in west London with his wife and family and three black cats, a breed which makes cameo appearances in his books. He’s a lifelong supporter of Grimsby Town, which has provided some preparation for the highs and lows of writing novels. When asked if he has worked in the field of espionage he declines to answer in the hope some people may think he has.

A nest of espionage.
A break for the border.
A race to survive.
The Allies are desperate to stop neutral Turkey supplying vital materials to the Nazis – materials which could help them win the war.
But then a British agent makes a fatal mistake, and disappears in Istanbul.
In England, detective turned spy Richard Prince – back from a clandestine mission in Nazi-occupied Europe – is hunting for his lost son.
Before long he is drawn into a dangerous follow-up operation, posing as a journalist in Turkey.
The mission soon goes wrong.
Out of touch with London and stranded hundreds of miles behind enemy lines, Prince will have to find evidence of the Turks secret trade with the Nazis, as well as a way out.
Chances of survival?
Chance of completing his mission?
Prince will do whatever it takes.
An astounding WWII espionage thriller from a modern master of the genre, Sea of Spies is a triumph, perfect for fans of Alan Furst, John le Carré and Robert Harris.

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