Second Chance for Christmas by Avery Ford

Second Chance for Christmas

Second Chance for Christmas by Avery Ford : A Gay Christmas Romance
English | 2019 | Romance, MM | ePUB | 2.8 MB

Second Chance for Christmas : Avery Ford spends way too much time daydreaming so finally decided to put some of her stories into print. An avid reader, she loves writing contemporary M/M romance.

“I tried falling in love once. I won’t make that mistake again.”
The last thing Toby Carver wants for Christmas is to fall in love. His life in Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, might not be flashy or exciting, but it suits him just fine. And even if there was a hot guy within a fifty mile radius, (spoiler: there isn’t) Toby wouldn’t be interested. He learned the hard way a long time ago that love only leads to one thing—a broken heart.

“I don’t even know what I want anymore. I can’t trust my heart.”
There is nothing for Blake Rivers in Cottonwood Falls. Nothing he hasn’t already ruined for himself, anyway. He left town ten years ago after graduation and hasn’t looked back since. But after a messy breakup and a mostly unsuccessful slog trying to make it as an actor in L.A., Blake is back home in Kansas to get his life together.

“We’ve been down this road before. We can’t do it again… can we?”
When Toby and Blake meet again after so many years apart, it’s obvious that the chemistry and attraction between them is still as strong as ever. Will the magic of Christmas be enough for them to overcome a decade of hard feelings and take a second chance on love?

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