Secret of Mars by Eric Johnson

Secret of Mars

Secret of Mars by Eric Johnson (The Chronicles of Tom Stinson #1)
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 257 Kb

Secret of Mars: Busted. Tom Stinson didn’t steal that garage door. He’s determined to prove that he’s innocent no matter what his father thinks.
Fat chance, the ‘Life Sucks’ achievement has been unlocked. His single dad can’t handle him anymore and sticks him behind a desk, reading Shakespeare and doing algebra for the entire vacation in summer school. Then an airplane crashes into his schoolyard and strange orange smoke billows from the wreckage. The pilot appears to walk away unscathed but attacks the first responders who morph into tentacle-faced flesh slurping creatures before his eyes. Now they’re coming into the school. Is this his wish come true, a chance to prove himself? If he can survive, there’s no way his dad will make him go back to summer school.

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