Secrets and Lies by J.D MCG

Secrets and Lies

Secrets and Lies by J.D MCG (A Jacob Wright Thriller)
English | 2020 | Mystery, Thriller | ePUB | 2.9 MB

Detective Sergeant Jacob Wright’s life is turned upside down while investigating a series of murders throughout Birmingham. Seeing the victims in his dreams, he can’t decide whether he is going crazy or not. And as the case unwinds, he discovers things related to his family. How many secrets and lies can one family hold?


They were close. The suspects they had been tracking for weeks, were close within their grasp. Detective Inspector John Wright and Detective Sergeant Joseph Barnes had located their suspects. DI John Wright’s wife had been murdered a few days before, while their two boys hid in their closet, listening to the death of their mother. DI Wright wanted revenge. Justice was just not enough, knowing how they’d get away with a light sentence for the vile murders they had committed.

They were following up on a call they had received, believed to be from a victim in the string of murders happening throughout the city. She called the police, believing she’d been followed into an empty car park. DI Wright and DS Barnes were trying to locate the woman while trying their best to be stealthy and discreet.

‘Over here,’ they heard a woman’s voice whisper.

John looked around, unsure of where the voice was coming from until he caught a glimpse of a woman hiding by a car. He slapped the back of his hand on Barnes’ chest to grab his attention, before pointing towards the car. They quickly and quietly approached the lady, crouched behind the car, and looked to see if anyone was around.

‘Are you okay? Are you hurt at all?’ John asked her.

‘I’m fine. Have you found them?’ she asked while moving her eyes side to side, keeping an eye out for her attackers.

‘Not yet. How many people are there?’

‘Three, I think.’

‘Did you manage to get a good look at them?’ Barnes asked.

‘No,’ she replied. ‘They’re wearing black robes.’

‘Okay. You stay here,’ John instructed Barnes. ‘I’m going to take a look around.’

‘I’ll call this in,’ Barnes told John.

John nodded before sneaking off to look for the attackers. He moved a little further away, still crouching behind cars. He heard footsteps coming from behind him, before turning around and seeing a figure in a black cloak, running toward him. John pulled back his arm, clenched his fist and pushed his arm forward as fast as he could, straight into the attacker’s face. The attacker fell to the floor and John heard the sound of metal hitting the concrete below. The blade of a knife visible below him, shining on the floor. He removed a set of handcuff’s from his coat pocket and slammed them onto each of the suspect’s wrists.

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