Secrets in Little Valley by Mary B. Barbee

 Secrets in Little Valley

Secrets in Little Valley by Mary B. Barbee
English | 2021 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 3.2 MB

I’m a debut mystery novelist. I’m the proud author of the new Amish Lantern Mystery Series.

Levi expected to meet Ruby at their secret spot in the woods, but she was nowhere to be found. Due to a disagreement earlier that day at the breakfast table, Ruby’s father is faced with a battle of pride as the bishop of the Amish community in the small town of Little Valley. But when Ruby doesn’t come home for dinner, he and his wife begin to worry that Ruby’s disappearance might be more than just a teenage temper tantrum.
The new sheriff finds himself working hard to uncover all the secrets surrounding Ruby’s disappearance and rebuild the community’s confidence in the law. He reaches out to the trusted wise women and amateur investigators, Anna and Beth, for help.
Everywhere the twin sisters turn, another secret is revealed, but the biggest secret of all is about to be uncovered

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