Secrets of the Past by Shelly West

Secrets of the Past

Secrets of the Past by Shelly West
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 3.1 MB

Abigail and Grandma have cracked many tough cases, but they still haven’t solved their biggest personal mystery yet: Who is Abigail’s father?

What should be a simple question leads Abigail down a winding path through Wallace Point’s scandalous past. To further complicate matters, Grandma’s mysterious best friend, Mrs. Applebaum, arrives in town, bringing chaos and excitement in her elderly wake.

Abigail must recruit the help of her loving grandmother, her trusty Great Dane, and James, the handsome local PI, to stand any chance at uncovering the shocking truth. It might also help that Mrs. Applebaum is allegedly an international spy with all sorts of connections…

“Aroooo!” came a low, lamenting moan. Abigail felt she was having deja vu.

“Not right now,” she mumbled, pulling up a thick comforter over her shoulders as she turned over in her bed.

Gimme, gimme, gimme a man after midnight,” came an angelic chorus, accompanied by a catchy beat.

“Aroooooo!” came the moan again, more demanding this time.

Abigail sat up and felt around for her phone. ABBA was the ringtone she had set for her mother. Previously it was their hit song Dancing Queen, but Thor, Abigail’s Great Dane, absolutely despised that song.

Despite Abigail having picked a different tune, it seemed Thor still disapproved. Perhaps he wasn’t a fan of Swedish pop music in general.

The music stopped, and a ding announced a voice message. As usual, Abigail couldn’t answer the phone in time to actually speak with her mother. She’d have to listen to the message instead.

Abigail glanced out her window, seeing from the blue light filtering in that it was just about dawn. Spring was in full force after a chilly winter, and the days were starting earlier.

Thor let out a low grumble then plopped his head back down on Abigail’s feet. As excited as he was to join Abigail in any adventure that came her way, he was not a morning dog.

Abigail thumbed through her phone’s menu and played the voice message. It began with her mother’s low voice: “Hey honey, just checking up on you. I heard through the grapevine that Mrs. Applebaum is visiting Wallace Point. Please be careful around her, and don’t believe anything she says. She’s an absolute loon. I think she’s after Mom’s money, to be honest. You know she almost talked Mom into selling the antique store to her? Anyway, stay safe. Buh-bye.”

Abigail could only muster up a raised eyebrow and exhausted sigh. Her mother never called unless it was with an agenda or to pass responsibility on to someone else.

Last time she had left a message like this, it was to let Abigail know Grandma was in the hospital. Abigail’s mother, Sarah, couldn’t be bothered to drive down to Wallace Point and help, so Abigail had to take action instead.

Not that she minded. Abigail’s mother had always refused to talk about family, so she never even knew her grandmother existed before that phone call. Immediately upon meeting her, Abigail and Grandma had forged a strong bond. So strong, in fact, that Abigail moved in to help out with the antique store within the month.

So what was the agenda this time for her mother’s call? It seemed pretty clear: inheritance. It seemed Sarah thought Mrs. Applebaum, one of Grandma’s oldest friends, was only arriving in town to hoodwink the elderly woman into handing over the family business of Whodunit Antiques.

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