Seeds by Zoe Cannon

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Seeds by Zoe Cannon (Hound of Hades #0.5)
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 4,8 MB

In the seven years she’s served the goddess Persephone, Ciara has been many things. A comforting shoulder, a voice of caution, a threatening whisper in the dark—whatever can charm Persephone’s allies and trick her enemies long enough to get the goddess what she wants.

The only thing Ciara hasn’t been… is honest.

But when she meets Mal Keyne, a fledgling agent of Hades in danger from her own temple, her usual tactics aren’t enough anymore. If she wants to save her new friend’s life, she’ll need to do the scariest thing the gods have ever asked of her.

She’ll need to let someone in.

Seeds is a story of gods, secret agents, and the power of friendship. This novella takes place four years before Death Trace, the first book in the Hound of Hades urban fantasy thriller series.

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